In the event of an emergency, please telephone the clinic to let us know the problem so we can prepare for your arrival, and prioritise services for your pet with a minimum of delay. 

(02) 60 54 1 838 that’s: 60 541 VET 

Please try to stay calm to give us as much information as possible so we can give you the best advice. 

If your pet has ingested a potential poison, please bring along the package so we can discover the exact composition and concentration of the ingredients.   


Currently, for emergencies after hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, please call the clinic number. There is not a vet in the clinic after we close on these nights, so it is essential that you phone ahead. We will talk about your emergency, and give you advice on how to proceed. 

Fortunately on Thursdays to Sundays, the team at River Country Animal Emergency Centre (River Country AEC) take over emergency after hours care for the region. Our phones will divert to River Country AEC, but you can also call them directly on 02 6056 8580. In the future, River Country AEC will be open every night of the week, so that animals needing urgent or ongoing after hours care will have a fully staffed vet clinic to be treated at. A lack of Veterinarians in the region is delaying this process, but work is certainly afoot, and we will keep you informed of changes. 

River Country Animal Emergency Centre opens every Thursday at 7pm, discharges pets home or to their regular vet clinic on Friday morning, before re-opening on Friday at 7pm. They manage emergencies and critical cases throughout the weekend, before discharging inpatients home or to their regular vet clinic on Monday until 11am. They also take care of emergencies over Public Holidays. 

Together, the team at River Country AEC and the team at Murray River Animal Hospital can ensure that your pets get the best possible care while they are unwell.  

River Country AEC is set up as an independent hospital, dealing with emergencies, urgent care and intensive care transfers from the vet clinics in the region. There are professional staff on the premises all night, monitoring and treating animals and available to answer questions on the phone. The don’t close until after regular vets open, and all patients are discharged on Monday morning. 

They are there when your own vet can’t be, helping to provide personalised and compassionate care for your pet, round the clock care, throughout the night and all weekend. Their experienced team of veterinarians and nurses continuously train in the field of emergency and critical care in order to provide immediate, first class veterinary care.  

River Country AEC is committed to providing you with exceptional service and your pets with compassionate care. When you visit you will find them fulfilling this promise by: 

  • Thoroughly explaining your pet’s medical condition 
  • Answering all questions completely 
  • Explaining all of the treatment and diagnostic options presented 
  • Explaining all the associated charges clearly and thoroughly 
  • Ensuring a veterinarian is available to speak with you about any aspect of your pet’s care 
  • Keeping your family veterinarian updated on your pet’s care while at our hospital 
  • Offering the best care possible